Not only Venice but many different island in the biggest lagoon in Europe.

Murano, Burano and Torcello are very popular and everyone want to go there: the glass blowing technique, the lace, the ancient mosaics on the abandoned island....

There so much more to explore! 

Haunted islands once used as common graves for the victims of the black plague, monasteries or convents, gardens, vineyards and beautiful beaches too.

A customized tour can be designed just for you according to your needs and budget!


San Giorgio Maggiore is one of the most photographed buildings in Venice. 

Travelers standing in St Mark's square looking over the canal will be stunned by the temple’s facade with the gondolas swaying in the lagoon in front of it.

If you are tired of walking in the crowds of St. Mark’s Square and want to discover a peaceful corner in the heart of the city of the lagoon, visit this wonderful island, once a Benedictine monastery that hides more than one enchanting surprise.

 The impressive façade of the Basilica stands out against the bay of San Marco and the Bell tower offers a full view on the Venetian lagoon.


The fish-bone-like shape Giudecca island, known to be Venice’s unofficial seventh district, once an aristocratic retreat, later the city industrial center and nowadays a trendy artistic district.
The peacefulness of the island also made it popular among religious communities and with patrician families who built palaces with lovely gardens and allotments there. 


Lido is a small island in the Venice lagoon. Protecting the city from the sea, Lido offers award winning beaches and spectacular views on Venice. 
It’s undoubtedly most known for hosting The International Venice Film Festival, but it’s usually avoided by the mass of tourists coming to visit its famous neighbor. However, the trendier area of the Venice lagoon, known for its Art Deco architecture and sport resorts, has a lot to offer.


The Glass industry island

Of all the islands in the Venetian lagoon, Murano is among the best known. 

Its artisan glass making tradition goes back centuries, and to this day Murano glass is revered the world over. Even beyond this, the island offers plenty of experiences and places to explore.


The "fairytale" island

Burano became a little jewel, unique in its simplicity, thanks to the fishermen who could hardly find their way home so they decided to paint their houses in bright and bold colors. 

The island, in fact. looks like a little fairy tale village; the perfect place for your pictures!

The wives of the fishermen spent their days working on their husbands fishing nets so to keep them perfect, this in the end became an art: the famous Burano lace.


The island where everything began

Over a thousand years ago, the people living on the mainland escaped from the Barbaric invasions and settled here, in the safe islands of the Venetian lagoon.

Torcello was the first island where they laid foundations for this amazing buildings that survived so far.

The island is almost abandoned in winter and it a place where to enjoy silence and nature.

and many more...

This is just a short overview on most popular islands of the Venetian lagoon, text me or send an e- mail for more details or a custom quote.