Venice is really one of a kind.

Don't miss the chance to discover all its secrets trough the eyes of a local authorized guide.

Walking trough its narrow alleys I will lead you to the MUST-SEE attractions but then you will also discover how much this amazing city has to offer.

Off the beaten tracks you can still see the few locals left in town and how they face with the daily problems of a city built on the water more than 1500 years ago.

118 islands and more than 400 bridges are now forming the Venice we can see today but how did the first inhabitants who moved from the mainland decided to settle there? How did they make it?

A customized tour can be designed just for you according to your needs and budget!


The "Must see" in Venice

If you come to Venice for the first time this is a must.          

Discover how it all begun and how people who left the mainland to escape from Barbarian invasions made all this possible with trunks driven into the mud!                    

The perfect way to enjoy this area is to start early in the day or in the late afternoon to avoid crowds and see all the amazing Highlights of this unique City surrounded by the lagoon.

St. Mark's Cathedral, Doge's Palace, Bell Tower, Clock Tower and Bridge of Sighs...


The "heart and soul" of Venice

One of the few residential areas left in the city.          

Leave the crowd behind and experience the real Venice where Ships were built, where some important ethnicities were living and where you can still feel the beating heart of it!

Greek Orthodox community church, Carpaccio's painting cycle, The Arsenal, Viale Garibaldi, San Pietro di Castello Church and the Public Gardens on S. Elena island.


The Oldest Ghetto in the world.

This is the home the Oldest Jewish district in the world and lively area where important artists lived: one above all Tintoretto!

Come with us to see how lively this area gets after sunset or simply walk around to with us to see artisans workshops or taste a good coffee or a glass of wine.

The Old Jewish Ghetto, Madonna dell' Orto Church, Gesuiti Church, Gold leaf factory, Mosaic tiles factory and more


The Old center of trade in Venice

This area is today one of Venice young people's meeting place and where the daily food market takes place every morning from Monday to Saturday.

In the past it was the commercial hub of the city where Merchants used to sign contracts or exchange goods and was also the financial district where important transaction took place.

Here is also where William Shakespeare "Merchant of Venice" was set.

Rialto Bridge, Rialto fish Market, San Polo Church, Franciscan Friars Church


The Art district

 This is the district of Venetian and International Art; there are many art galleries and some important Painting galleries and exhibition centers.

Beautiful palaces can be visited to see how Venetians were living in 1700 or amazing Churches housing incredible masterpieces of our great painters.

End you tour with a Gelato at the best Gelato shop in town right on a Canal or take a look to an old Shipyard where they still make Gondolas!

 Accademia Galleries of Fine Art, Peggy Guggenheim Museum, Salute Church, Ca' Rezzonico Museum, Carmini Church, San Sebastiano Church, Mendicoli Church,


Fashion Addicted area

 This was in the past the district where textile were produced but, still today, there's an amazing place where you can see artisans using old 18th century wooden looms to produce brocades and velvet for the High end Fashion brands like CHANEL or GUCCI!!!!

A Museum about the history of PERFUME and Venetian Fashion can be found at a stone's throw from the Rialto area.

 Ca' Pesaro, Bevilacqua textile Atelier, Palazzo Mocenigo, San Giacomo dall'Orio Church.