I am Silvia and, it's great connecting with you!

This is a wonderful opportunity for me to let you know how much I love my hometown and how proud I am to have had the privilege to be raised in such a unique environment.

Venice is totally different from all the other places you may have ever visited in your life; people here are different! Imagine fighting daily against the elements to survive on the water. . . well this is quite a challenge!
I am here to help you to understand how this was made possible more than 1600 years ago!

I have always traveled in my own life and worked as an inbound operator in Venice and all over Italy for more than 15 years, both things combined are definitely a "plus" because I have a strong attitude to problem solving and great experience inside and outside the office which is not always offered by the people working in tourism.

I studied at the technical Institute for Tourism in Venice and then got my graduation in foreign languages always working in the tourism business since the very beginning as a hostess doing transfers.

The aspect that I love the most about my job is that I always get in touch with new people and I can customize the tours for my clients: age, mobility issues, interests. . . it is always a surprise!

All my tours are customizable, we can always make arrangements and adapt the tours to your needs before you book them.

I hope we can meet very soon here in Venice or in the Veneto Region which has a lot to offer: art, nature, tasty food and great wines!